Company information

The Hurunui Water Project (HWP) is an unlisted company, registered  under the Companies Act (1993) on 16 July 2008.

The Hurunui Water Project has 196 shareholders holding a total of 23,801 shares. The majority of HWP’s shareholders are land-owners within the HWP Command Area.

HIPT, representing the interests of more than 200 Hurunui farmers who formed a Trust in 2002 to look at the opportunities for using water in the district.

Ngäi Tahu Property owns 9,000 ha of rural land within the Hurunui District with development potential.

MainPower has an interest in the regional development of the Hurunui District and in hydro-generation possibilities.

Eskhead Station was the location of one of the original water storage sites HWP was investigating. The owner of Eskhead Station, David Teece, supports the project and provided early development assistance.